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    hello. thank you for watching my ad. I’m Wakana, english name is Ena, from Japan. I speak English and Japanese. I introduce the way how to make passive income.

    ◆how do we do to make passive income?◆
    It’s really easy task, just advertise our company to have your team members, to use your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Normally we use SNS or some classified web sites. But we never restrict you which media do you use, it’s up to you. Once you make sentences, you just copy and past.

    ◆About the company we advertise◆
    It’s travel agency established 2005, located in USA. It has 38 branches all over the world. The campaney name is “World Ventures”. World Ventures got some famous travel prizes from 2013 to 2018. Dispite we need to be a paying member if we want to join the package tour, World Ventures has already had more than 10million members in the world.
    They provide low cost and high quarity pacage tours from about US $150. Some package tour is included over ☆4 hotel, lunch, dinner or some show etc… There are many attractive points, it’s easy to advertise.

    ◆About sarary◆
    It’s a contract job. The reword is depends on your amount of recruting and rewards with your team mambers. World ventures adopts both internet MLM and binary system. So it’s much easier than common MLM. I mean you don’t need to talk to your family or friends, you can find your business partners on the inrernet. We can get sarary every week and every 15th in a month. We have 5 pay days in a month.
    Are you worried about you can earn soon? Don’t worry. Some of our group members prove that we can earn much money on the first week. For example, one of our member, she is a mother for a small baby, earned about US$3000 on her first month, and she travels with her son many times in a year now. And the biggest story like a dream is people who have a highest title are billionaire now.

    You don’t need to care of your situation, you can work anywhere, anytime when you have time, and we don’t care of your background: previous carrer, school, for second work. Actually, some of members who have a main job, mothers and students are got success.
    It’s a business, so you need to pay the initial enrollment (US$605 on your first month), and the running cost (US$125 per month). But after you recrut 4 people, your running cost will be only US$25 per month(it’s for the syetem maintenance). For me, I got 4 members within 2 monthes. After you make a team, you can get passive income even if you are just doing something you want to do.

    It’s really difficult to tell you appeal points and sytem only using sentences, our reader made a video to understand much easier. If you are interested in, please give me a massage for ” i072201060618w@gmail.com “. I have English one and Japanese one. I will send a video about our system.
    Thank you.

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