第28回 ビーチでサンセットとマーケットが夢の融合!









Scarborough Sunset Markets – Thursday Nights –詳細

We had a lovely day at Scarborough beach with experth! With warm weather and clear skies, it really felt that we were in the middle of spring and that soon we’ll have summer to look forward to. The atmosphere of the market was wonderful, with friends and family enjoying the many delicious food stalls, brilliant live music, fun games, and energetic performances. It was amazing to see all of the effort from Kate and her team come together to produce such a delightful experience. Of course, the highlight of it all was the magical west coast sunset which we enjoyed by the sand. Countries such as Brazil and Spain have a custom of spontaneously applauding just as the sun sets to appreciate the day, and this custom is being brought over right here to Perth! If you ever go, remember to applaud along with everyone else and you’ll surely feel the great sense of community that has been built there. I can’t wait to go again! – Micah –

  • イベント日時: 2019年4月25日(木)まで 毎週木曜日5-9pm開催中
  • 住所: Scarborough Square & Beach Amphitheatre
  • アクセス:Glendalough Bus Stationから990番のバスで約20分
  • Instagram:@scarborough_sunset_markets



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